Eco Retreat Odisha, Hirakud

Eco Retreat Hirakud, a carnival curated within the untamed nature with priceless beauties surrounding the Hirakud Dam.

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‘India’s Best Kept Secret’


Odisha Tourism

Reconnect with the realm of nature at ‘India’s Best Kept Secret’. Navigate through untouched greenery, stunning landscapes that give you a refreshing escape.

Blessed with pristine jungles that stretch across the state, Odisha’s enchanting journey makes you want more. The untouched land of the divine, heavenly delicacies, and its ever dynamic culture is what sets Odisha apart from the rest. Its glorious wildlife, grand monuments, and immaculate beaches reiterate the long-forgotten tales that await a soulful narration in current time.

Experience The Land Of Cultures & Preserved Landscapes

Within Sambalpur district, Hirakud is located between a sanctuary and a Reservoir.
Throughout its patterns of history the city has witnessed many significant events which shaped the overall culture and history of the state.

The city apart from its rich chronicle is also known for its vibrant culture and a junction of the world famous Sambalpuri Sarees. The cultural songs and dance popularly known as Sambalpuri Songs and Sambalpuri Dance have their own discrete identity and are super popular for their feet tapping lyrics and music.

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